About Matt Daniels Photography

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At his core Matt Daniels is an artist and designer, so the migration into photography was a natural one. Almost 20 years ago, Matt started as an automotive photographer, shooting sports cars in action. As a father of three daughters, however, his photography soon turned toward his kids. Matt started shooting photos of his girls’ volleyball games and other school events, and it wasn’t long before friends and his fellow parents were asking him to do the same for them. Fast forward to now, and Matt Daniels has been photographing high school seniors and athletes in some of the most innovative ways and against the most beautiful Colorado backdrops for the past 10 years.

Whether you’re looking for senior photos, team photos, or need a live action game photographer (at high school or college level), Matt has perfected the art of capturing just the right moment. 

Combining innovations in graphic design with state-of-the-art photography techniques, Matt creates images that no one else can imitate. He knows teenagers, he knows sports, and he knows the exact moment to click the shutter. The memories are yours, but Matt captures them for you—in a way you’ll never forget.

In addition to photographing students and athletes, Matt is also available for occasional family, engagement, and headshot sessions. Please email for more information on these types of sessions.

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